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Palabras del Pueblo
Writing Workshop
Fall 2023

V. Castro


V. Castro is a two time Bram Stoker award nominated writer born in San Antonio, Texas, to Mexican American parents. She’s been writing horror stories since she was a child, always fascinated by Mexican folklore and the urban legends of Texas. Castro now lives in the United Kingdom with her family, writing and traveling with her children.

Class Description

There has been an explosion of horror in recent years. Why are we drawn to the macabre and how
can we express our identity and experiences through it. This class will help you to develop a story or
stories that delve into the darker side of storytelling in your own voice. I will also go into the world of
publishing and defining writing goals.

Class Outline

Day 1: What are your earliest memories of horror in media? How do you define Horror? How has
horror evolved? What purpose does horror serve in literature?
This day will ask these questions to kick off the writing process.
Day 2: Common horror tropes and how to express yourself through them. Writing prompts for your
story. Finding your voice.
Day 3: Story outline
Day 4: Shop Talk - Defining writing goals and the ins and outs of Publishing.

Goal: Write a short piece of speculative/ horror fiction up to 3000 words.

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