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Mission statement

To reclaim and enrich our indigenous Mexican American culture and enhance our way of life, through recalling and renewing indigenous wisdom. 

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vision statement

We are a growing nonprofit organization committed to reclaiming and enriching our indigenous Mexican American culture through a collective program of study, research and training to gain deeper understanding about our indigenous origins and advance auto evolving role in the future of the Americas.


This organization seeks to reaffirm and reclaim our rightful place in history as a people that have been under attack at least since 1848, when the signing of The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo ended the invasion of Mexico by the U.S. 


Our purpose is to enhance the Mexican American way of life through recalling and renewing indigenous wisdom and tradition through exercising the Nahui Ollin, the four Tezcatlipocas of our ancient ancestors: 


Tezcatlipoca: Reflection 

Quetzalcoatl: Knowledge

Huitzilopochtli: Will to Action


Xipe Totec: Transformation


"We recognize the need to commit our lives and resources to addressing and resolving concerns which relate to our identity and essence as an indigenous-hispanic nation of Mexican (mestizo) heritage..."

~Armando Rendon~

Values Statement

We are confident our efforts will clarify and reinforce how our contemporary world view is grounded in indigenous roots dating back thousands of years and embodies the best practices of health equity and human rights, of caring for and protecting Mother Earth, and interaction among and with other nations of the world.


As a nation within a nation, we will focus on the six concerns that have been designated in our founding documents as critical to ensuring our future, concerns that affect only us, that no one else will address, and that only we can resolve: 


* Preserve and enhance our culture, history and identity

* Advance a world view that derives from that culture and history 

* Form alliances with other indigenous tribes under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo

* Institute a complete educational system from K-PhD, which combines today’s  learning methods with ancient Nahuatl wisdom

*Continue the flowering of a unique literature and arts

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