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Writing Workshop for Raza! This May 2023.

Many writing workshops are overpriced and do not serve our Mexican American/Chicano community. Our storytellers, poets, and thinkers are not nurtured or given as many opportunities and so our voice as a people becomes drowned out or dictated by others. Palabras del Pueblo Writing Workshop is intended be financially accessible for raza to learn to better express themselves so our existence and values can be heard with clarity with no doubts to what they are and what we are. We intend the workshop to be a place to acquire tools, inspiration, and contacts for Chicana/o/x writers.

The classes are ONLINE and take place over two weekends to accommodate work and family schedules. Class times are 9am to 1pm PST May 20, 21 and May 27-28, 2023. There will be a mid-week panel and/or writing exercise each week.

The workshop is free to apply. The minimum cost of the workshop is $100, payable after acceptance before the class begins. If you can't afford $100, please contact us for options at


See for more information.

Classes to Choose from:

Poetry The Personal is Political With Matt Sedillo

Writing Like A Chicana:

The Whole Enchilada with Lorna Dee Cervantes

Fiction The Lore of a Life Story/Wandering Worlds With RIOS DE LA LUZ

Papí Sci-fi's Ancient Chicano Wisdom With Ernest Hogan

Screenwriting Speculative Fiction from Nepantla with Juan Beruman

Social justice writing

Rise! The Importance of Raza Stories with Vanessa Bustamante, aka la Doctor Chola

Photojournalism ​Basic Photojournalism Workshop

with – Dave Weinstock, Ph.D

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