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One Week Left to Apply to Spring Palabras Workshop Feb. 18th

Workshop dates: March 23, 24 and 30, 31

Weekends 9am to 1pm online via Zoom.

Rios de la Luz, Estella Gonzalez, E.C.-Dukes, Make Sedillo, Ernesto Hogan, Gabriela Rios, Luis J. Rodriguez, and Juan G. Berumen offer classes in fiction, nonfiction, memoir, poetry, graphic novel writing and screenwriting.

One week until deadline of February 18th.

Contact about acceptance will be: February 25th-March 1st.

Cost is $100 for entire workshop. There are limited discounts for those who need, see application for info. Palabras del Pueblo is meant to help develop the voices of our Xicana, Xicanx, and Xicano writers, be accessible to them, and encourage our writers to write to and for our community.

Spring Panel

The panel will happen on Wednesday March 27, 2024 online and will be composed of independent raza magazines to discuss the importance of having magazines and journals that cater to our community and be available to engage with Palabras students. The panel includes editors from Somos en escrito Magazine, La Raiz, LatineLit, and TBD.

Spring Presentations

Presentations will happen for one hour before each class and will be addressed and engage all workshop participants. Spring presentations will be given by Scott Russell Duncan (on addressing our community), Matt Sedillo (on writer survival), E.G. Condé (on Indigenous futurism & native ways of thinking) and Gabriela Rios.

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