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MeXicanos 2070 November Webinar: What Do We Know About COVID-19 Infections and Death Among Latinos

We are please to invite you to a special presentation by Dr. Rogelio Saenz, a professor of demography at UT San Antonio, who has done remarkable work reporting on data that reveals the inordinate impact on Mexican Americans from the coronavirus pandemic.

"More than 100,000 Americans have officially died of coronavirus complications. Researchers believe that number could be higher. AMP Research Labs show that the numbers of COVID-19-related fatalities among Black Americans is 2.4 times higher than that of white Americans. The same research shows the number of Latino fatalities is slightly greater than that of whites. Dr. Saenz examined COBID-19 data dashboards of 38 states and said these questions surrounding race result in scattered and incomplete information about Latinos. "So Latinos, a high proportion identify racially as white, so their infections and their deaths are included in the white population," said Dr. Saenz. "So, that becomes extremely difficult to compare, for example, whites and Latinos because Latinos are double counted." (written by Norma Martinez and Lauren Terraza for Texas Public Radio) Read Dr. Rogelio Saenz's report: What do we know about COVID-19 infections and deaths among Latinos?"

Also presenting is Dr. Julian Perez, with Sea Mar Community Health Centers, has accepted our invitation to speak and present along with Dr. Saenz. Dr. Perez is on the ground working daily with patients with COVID-19. He has been an excellent spokesman for Sea Mar Health Services on the topic of COVID-19 and its effect on the Latino population.

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