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Hero's Journey: Graphic Novel Writing Workshop
with E.C.-Dukes


E.C. – Dukes:

A Xicana writer from Chaparral, New Mexico. E.C. earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Rhetoric and Composition from the University of Texas at El Paso, a Master of Fine Arts degree in Film from Columbia University in the City of New York, and a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities in Journalism and Chicano Studies and a minor in Theatre Arts. She is the author of two graphic novels Daizee & the DUKES of Chuco: Chuco- Juárez World Rally and A.W.O.L.: Cruz Ochoa.


Class Description

Embark on a creative odyssey in our Graphic Novel Writing Workshop, where we delve into the captivating realm of the hero's journey. Explore the art of storytelling through stunning visuals and compelling narratives. Unlock the secrets of crafting unforgettable characters, epic challenges, and triumphant transformations. Join us for an immersive experience that merges the power of words and images, guiding you on a path from ordinary to extraordinary. Unleash your inner hero and shape worlds beyond imagination in this transformative workshop. Your epic adventure begins here.

Class Outline

4 - four-hour sessions
16 hours total

1. Identify and develop main characters for a graphic novel story idea.
2. Identify and develop the conflict and resolution for major scenes of a graphic novel story idea.
3. Provide feedback to other’s story pitches.
4. Understanding the concept of thumbnails and storyboards for a graphic novel.

Topic: Hero’s Journey in a graphic novel

First Session Learning Objective: Participants will understand what the Hero’s Journey Arc is
based on the story arc structure by Christopher Vogler and its role in graphic novels.
What is the Hero’s Journey? What story elements are needed to create the Hero’s Journey?
What is graphic novel writing? We will read and discuss examples.
Writing prompt exercise - respond to your writing: How does this fit within the hero’s journey

Second Session Learning Objective: Analyze examples for hero’s journey structure.
Writing prompt exercise – respond to your writing.

Exchange writing for peer review using tools provided by the facilitator.

Third Session Learning Objective: Participants will learn how to analyze their own writing and
others for graphic novel story structure. Participants will learn how to pitch their story idea. Peer
to Peer pitches. Report back to the group: what went well and one area they need to work on.

Fourth Session Learning Objective: Participants will learn and discuss thumbnails and
storyboarding and how we make meaning in graphic novels with a guest appearance by artist Ronnie Dukes of DUKEScomics. During this session, we will also discuss representation and semiotics in meaning making.

Short readings will be provided as PDF files.

Podcasts: The Hero’s Journey with Jeff Garvin and Dan Zarzana

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