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Building Mexicano Political Power I

•Course Creator: Ernesto Todd Mireles, MSW., Ph.D.

•Course Title: Building MeXicano Political Power I

•Course Topic: Xicano Politics/Community Organizing

•Building MX Political Power I Course Description: This course will take the student through readings, assignments, and self-directed workshops to 1. Understand the structure and flow of Xicano political power in their own community, 2. Understand low intensity organizing model

•Duration: 8 weeks

•Course Difficulty: Hard

•Materials needed: Field notebook

•Time Commitment: 10 - 15 hours a week

•Pace: Self Paced

•Subject: Xicano Studies, Community Organizing

•Course Language: English

•Video Transcripts: English

•Credit: TBD, For Now Audit

•Platform: Google Classroom

•Keywords: #Xicano #community organizing, #political theory,

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