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Palabras del Pueblo
Spring 2024

Conception, Gestation and Vibration: “Birthing”, Nurturing and Publishing Chicanx Fiction
Estella Gonzalez

Estella Gonzalez Voices of Race Profile.jpeg

Estella González is the author of the award-winning short story collection, Chola Salvation, published by Arte Público Press in April 2021. The press will also publish her forthcoming novel, Huizache Women, in October 2023.


Estella González is first-gen Chicana born and raised in East Los Angeles which inspires her writing. She received her B.A. in English from Northwestern University and her MFA in fiction from Cornell University. She lives in Tucson with her husband and two cats.

Class Description

This workshop will focus on helping Chicanx writers immerse themselves in their fiction and use their life experiences and cultural touchstones to find their voices. Through journal entries, generative prompts, and presentations on effective fiction technique such as robust points of view for strong storytelling, Chicanx writers will explore the literary possibilities for their prose. The final session will focus on constructive peer/group review, finding supportive publishers and sustaining a Chicanx writing community to “voice” (publish and peer-review) their fiction.



  1. Gain writing inspiration through Chicanx life

  2. Start and/or refine fiction pieces

  3. Apply writing, peer review and publication techniques

  4. Read work with confidence and bravery

  5. Become familiar with publication and writing group sources such as Poets and Writers and NaNoWriMo

Class Outline

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